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Proaim Infinity Foldable Light Dolly with Track System

For Tripod, Rigs, Bazooka & Light Cranes

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Need Modern, Fast, Light & Robust Camera Movement Solution?

Proaim Infinity Foldable Light Dolly Track System for Travelling Professionals

High-Quality Equipment | Smooth Sliding Camera Shots | Small Transport Size

Highly Customizable – Flexible Enough To Be Rigged For Any Production!

Ready For Filming in a Minute! Accessible to Professionals Everywhere!

Proaim Infinity Dolly Track utilizes a completely new Foldable method and is a compact and light dolly system conceived for quick and easy use. Proaim Infinity allows you to capture the action on locations wherever you are - with perfect smoothness and least effort. Proaim Dolly is constructed of special high-quality Wood – this light and robust material carries a very good payload of up to 300kg/660lb. The CNC Aluminum made Clip 10.6ft Quick Track is Straight, Foldable and consists of self-centring round bars. The Tool-less Dolly Track System has short set-up time of just 2 minutes. Proaim Infinity also includes a Sliding Push Pull Bar for ease of movement. The Dolly Track folds into a small lightweight package and reduces the transport dimensions. It’s the Most Compact Light Dolly System designed to provide ultimate mobility and versatility. On this dolly; add tripod, rigs, bazooka, light crane, or whatever you can think of! Load it with gear to get to the location with ease!

Bazooka dolly system


Robust Infinity Dolly

Proaim dolly is made of solid yet lightweight wooden platform which is further secured with aluminum support rods for more strength. It allows you to feel secure in its abilities. It has three rest-plates where you can fit any standard tripod. The well-designed dolly is very stable and supports camera setups / operators up to 300kg/660lb. It is a foldable system for transport convenience and you can comfortably carry it under your arm.

dolly track system

Speed Wheels

Speed track wheels allow smooth sliding camera shots on both straight and curved dolly tracks, thanks to the V-shape of Speed Wheels. The Dolly features 16 wheels with 4 wheels per set.

10.6ft track with camera dolly

Sliding Push/Pull Bar

The Sliding bar provides ease of movement. It connects with dolly through a locking knob for speedy mounting. It’s extendable and can tilt down 340° for more convenience.

dolly track with telescopic lever Bazooka

Proaim Clip Foldable Track

The CNC Aluminum constructed 10.6ft Long Straight Clip track fasten together on unfold for quick and easy use. The Track sections are connected together with an elastic cord which allows quick unfold/fold. The Infinity Dolly becomes functional with highly-portable Clip Quick Track, to capture the action with perfect smoothness. It comprises of 4 sections of 2.65ft each and has a rail diameter of 30mm/1.18”. Quick, Tool-less Track sets up in less than 2 minutes, once you have laid the tracks, the Dolly will automatically centre the required distance. The End Stoppers prevent the dolly from getting dislocated and Track Pads help you setup quickly on uneven surfaces.

Camera Crane dolly track system


Proaim Infinity Foldable Light Dolly Track Advanced Kit (DL-INFY-01)

A Full-Fledged Production Tool with Extra Comfort and Stability!

Proaim Infinity Advanced Dolly Kit offers myriad of camera mount configurations. This combination opens more possibilities for Videomakers; the package includes Infinity Dolly, 10.6ft Clip Track, Ground Star (Euro/Elemac Mount), Telescopic Bazooka with Riser, Comfortable Seat, Sliding Push Pull Bar & Flight Transport Case. This High Quality equipment is strong enough to hold the camera and camera operator up to 300kg/660lb while pushed or pulled by a dolly grip. This is a vital piece of equipment for any Videomaker / Filmmaker and serves an important purpose in a Film.

Dolly telescopic Bazooka track system with flight case

Professional Design, Utmost Protection & Rolling Wheels for Easy Transportation.

10.6ft track system

Telescopic Bazooka + Euro-Bowl Height Riser (100mm) (Revised on 14-July-2018)

The Telescopic Bazooka allows instant height adjustment, from 74cm-119cm / 29”- 47”. CNC Aluminum constructed Bazooka is known for its stable solid design and provides flexibility for camera positioning. Euro/Elemac base Height Riser with 100mm Bowl attaches to any Dolly or Bazooka & is extremely stable and sturdy.

10.6ft track with 100mm height riser

Ground Star

The CNC aluminum made Star-shape Euro/Elemac mount offers a solid camera platform. It is a highly purposeful rigging tool for mounting Euro-base grips such as bazooka set, height riser, offset Euro-Bowl adapter as well as customized camera mounts built on set to suit the operational requirements.

star seat mount

Comfortable Operator Seat

The Dolly Seat comes with a thickly padded cushioned surface which is extremely comfortable for a day-long shooting. It attaches on Star Mount via Vertical Arm, which is machined from solid piece of high grade aluminium, thus ensures high security and sturdiness. The Vertical Arm swivels for easy operator movement and can lock-off to any static position by provided knob.

Seat with Z-Bracket


camera crane dolly system with bazooka

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.




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- Construction: High Quality Wood, Aluminum Made
- Wheel Size: 53mm(dia) x 32mm(thickness)
- Required Track Distance: 24.5"
- Push bar Min Length: 79cm
- Push bar Max Length: 140cm
- Payload: 300kg/660lb

- Construction: High Grade CNC Aluminum
- Total Track Length: 10.6ft
- Each Section Length: 2.65ft
- Track Dia: 30mm
- Payload: 300kg/660lb

- Construction: High Grade CNC Aluminum
- Min. Length: 70cm
- Max. Length: 110cm
- Mounting: Euro

- Construction: High Grade CNC Aluminum
- Bubble Leveller: Yes
- Mounting: Euro

- Seat Dia: 300mm
- Seat Thickness: 38mm
- Vertical Arm Length: 30 cm/12”


Model (DL-INFY-00) 1 Box
Box:1 (Dolly, Push bar & 10.6ft Clip track)

Model (DL-INFY-01) 2 Boxes
Box:1 (Dolly, Push bar & 10.6ft Clip track)
Box:2 (Tel. Bazooka, Riser, Seat & Ground Star)

- Product Weight: 20kg/44lb

- Product Weight: 40.5kg/89lb

- Product weight with Hard Case : 38kg/84lb

- Product weight with Hard Case (Both) : 80kg/176lb

- Hard Case Dimensions: LxWxH 94x61x36cm
(Volumetric: 41kg/90lb)

- Hard Case Dimensions (Box 1): LxWxH 94x61x36cm
(Volumetric: 41kg/90lb)
- Hard Case Dimensions (Box 2): LxWxH 101x78x33cm
(Volumetric: 52kg/114lb)

- Gross weight: 42kg/92lb (with corrugated box)

- Gross weight (Box 1): 42kg/92lb (with corrugated box)
- Gross weight (Box 2): 53kg/117lb (with corrugated box)

Model (DL-INFY-00)

Model (DL-INFY-01)

Infinity Dolly with Track wheels

Infinity Dolly with Track wheels

Push Bar with Foam Handle

Push Bar with Foam Handle

10.6ft Clip Track

10.6ft Clip Track

6pc Track Pads

6pc Track Pads

2pc End Stoppers

2pc End Stoppers


Telescopic Lever Bazooka


Ground Star


Seat with Vertical Arm (30cm/12”)


Proaim Euro/Elemac - 100mm Bowl Camera Riser (BA-267-00) (Revised on 14-July-2018)

Flight Case

2 x Flight Cases